Saturday, September 19, 2009

New Blog Meeting place for Progressive Yakimaniacs

Welcome. My name is Dan Thomas. I have moved back to Yakima from Seattle after about 25 years. Except for
the Yakima Herald-Republic newspaper's editorials and letters to the editor, my sense is that there is a need for
a venue for Progressive thought. I know there are Progressive thinkers in the Valley and Central Washington in general, but if there is a place or way they bond, it has escaped me.
In the 60's and 70's, my "formative" years, my pals and I would always joke about the "mind fog" that enveloped us if we were driving or hitch-hiking back from Seattle to Yakima. It was palpable. We had all grown up here. While The Valley is made up of multitudes of sincere, hard-working folks, the effects of changes in the world have escaped many of them. I guess some explanation like this is what caused the mind-fog. As an RN who has worked a significant portion of my career in Behavioral or Mental Health, I still struggle to explain the "mind-fog".
Yakima's "mind-fog" may not be unique. Perhaps my motivation in starting this blog is my underlying belief that the
division in our whole country right now, is somehow that same phenomenon at work.
I do have my own views, but I don't know everything, so I invite primarily folks from the Yakima Valley, Central Washington in general, or anyone who has vested interest in The Valley to contribute their thinking to any contributions made.
Focus on National Issues from contributors is welcomed primarily, and I urge everyone to be helpful...myself included. I can get passionate about certain topics, and I hope you do to0, but change won't happen until we stop and take a bird's eye view. I guess I mean that when you realize you are talking to a rock, I'm being a bit cryptic to those who don't get it! Some National topics could include local events, too. I may redefine this focus as time goes by.
This is my first blog, if you haven't guessed by now.
Issues that get my mind going are right now: #1!: HEALTHCARE ( of course ), ...others in no particular order are Legalizing all drugs--please check out LAW ENFORCEMENT AGAINST PROHIBITION At: , the fact that the Republican ('t) Party has been taken over by an elite group of power hungry rich in the pockets of lobbyists of all kinds who just want things to stay the same at all costs, how in God?'s name ( question mark intended) the GOP chose a nit-wit like Sarah Palin for the VP...
There are many more issues, but one thing in particluar I would like anyone even vaguely interested in coming back here to explore for themselves is a radio talk show host named Thom Hartmann who is way too hip to be considered for a local station. He can be heard online, however, from a number of websites, including his own:

or from Seattle's AM1090 KPTK here:

I sometimes choose to get Thom on iTunes, as well. From his site you will find archives and options for hearing/seeing his show live. In my opinion,Thom Hartmann is without doubt one of the smartest men in America, having written books on Thomas Jefferson ("What would Jefferson Do?"),"Cracking the Code: How to Win Hearts, Change Minds, and Restore America's Original Vision", "ADD, a different Perspective", "Last Hours of Ancient Sunlight", a very provocative look at not only oil, but many of our addictions we may be unaware of, co-writer on a very thorough book about the assassination of JFK, ...I suggest you visit his site for a complete run down on his myriad accomplishments. His most recent book is called "THRESHHOLD, the Crisis of Western Culture". This is only a sampling of his books. Does he ever sleep? I wonder that all the time.

Thom broadcasts from 9 to 12 our time, Pacific, every weekday. He has call in's, takes emails, has a live blog going on as he speaks/interviews, etc..he interviews exceptional people from both sides...unlike Druggie Limbaugh who screens his calls mostly to avoid real discussions, and thus 'dumbing down America'.
Of particular note is the first hour on Friday when he has Senator Bernie Sanders from Vermont, an Independent, who is without doubt one of the most Progressive thinkers we have.
Thom is perhaps the most intelligent radio talk show host in the USA right now, at least on the left and, just saying that implies the whole USA.
Ok, for now, I'm done. I have a lunch date.

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