Friday, October 23, 2009


Unfortunately, the GOP,the people with money, the people in the pockets of the drug companies and healthcare insurance companies....are using Healthcare as a way to get their way again, given that thierguy didn't get in. Who do you have to be NOT to GET THIS? Unfortunately, the numbers of these non-thinkers are able to vote. To me they are unAmerican in practice, despite that fact that they feel they are right. These are the members of a party who, just for one example, want to do away with abortion but instead of using reason--probably because the members of their group are sadly lacking in intelligence enough to engage artfully enough to make their case--they bomb or worse stay silent or even DO outwardly support killers of abortion doctors.
In the history of the world, disagreements on strong issues have been around since man crawled out of the soup...(but they don't even believe that!--it all started 6000 years ago, according to these bimbos). There is a thing called negotiations.
OK..before you think I'm off the track... my focus here is on the design, from the beginning, of an entity's plan to achieve their goals. I chose abortion not because I'm against it, because I'm not. However, I do believe that this is a good example, to me, of an opinion--Anti-Abortion --that could just possibly be discussed in a rational manner...only if the right people could sit down long enough to discuss it. But perhaps this is an American thing. In my opinion, Europeans could sit down and discuss this in a rational manner and view it from all perhaps the Greeks would examine things. But just imagining Americans--especially GOP types, doing it is ,well, just laughable. They live in their own reality. You would think that if any of their supposedly passionate desires meant that much to them that they would be motivated to sit down and discuss it with the other side.
THE OBVIOUS: That the GOP are masters at PR. Anyone should be able to see by now that they are magicians, the GOP, masters of the sleight of hand..whatever they are doing in assured there is another agenda. Usually the same set, however: Money. Power. Winning.
Meanwhile, the rest of us, in the real reality, see the ozone layer being screwed up, wars being waged at the expense of some American lives and logarithmically more of foreign humans who are not only innocent, but more than likely, people of so much richer character than the ones who planned and executed these wars..people like Dick Cheney, George W. Bush, Donald Rumsfeld.
With Healthcare: it's all out there, we've been watching it. The GOP have many convinced--but we must define what the word convinced means. There IS a thing that can be named mass hypnotism. The real Capitol of the US has been Hollywood. I met a very nice young doctor from Finland years ago who told me her most vivid impression of America was it's television ads. She told me, "It amazes me that the commercials speak to the citizens as if they are 2 years old". I've never forgotten that. If you talk to the majority of people as if they are 2 years old--over an otherwise amazing machine like the television--for decades and generations, is it any wonder that their minds turn to mush and can be convinced of anything? Convinced to vote for a moron like Sarah Palin...who could have been President if McCain won and then passed away. Convinced that weapons of mass destruction are there from a guy who looks like a good old boy, like their friendly neighbor who believes in their God. Convinced of anything through simple association,..convinced of anything based on vague associations. These are hypnotists' techniques.
OK, readers, I have to at least try this.....(snapping fingers!)"WAKE UP!!!" Well, I tried.

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