Sunday, March 21, 2010

Mike Malloy hitting the nail... it applies to Yakima TeaPartiers too!!

Yakima majority Right Wing people are frequently too 'nice' to a fault. oooh you can't talk about this or that, it's not long as you believe what we believe you're okay. It's not as far away from Stepford as you might think! I have the advantage of having been away for 25 years. You tea party fascists ( and you are fascists although in your ignorance tell yourselves the lefties are..and as long as you don't pick up a book, you'll stay 'right' in your own little world) in yak-city: there is another world out there... we call it 'the REST of the world'.

After seeing the bonehead, self-congratulating, politically correct tea partiers at the base of the Chinook the other day, all I can say is, " If I gave a shit about what you people think, You'd be the first person I'd give it to".

Here's Mike Malloy, emotionally hitting the nail on the head as he usually does....

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