Sunday, November 22, 2009

Childlike Republicans .. do not belong in politics

I think this kind of behavior is what we've come to expect from Republicans. Perhaps GM should build a pickup truck big enough for all of them and drive it off a cliff. If this kind of open traitorous talk was going on when King George Bush was in office, there would have been even more people in prison. But it's the Republicans who are again showing how absolutely incapable they are of having any viable dialogue. Our country is in tremendous trouble when these kinds of people who use the Bible to advocate the killing of our President, and know-nothing idiots like Boehner (and, well..just close your eyes and point at any passing bevy of Republicans..that guy. Pick him, whoever it is)..are given ANY media time. It's like my European friend from years ago observed, that when people are spoken to as though they are two years old in advertisements on television for decades, they behave like two year olds. Idiots. All of them. If you didn't 'catch' it when they tried to have Palin elected, then you won't 'catch' it now. Wake up. These idiots vote.

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