Monday, November 23, 2009

Snowe Job? Insider Says Senator Is "Disingenuous or Naive"

Wendell Potter once again, this time interviewed by Greg Palast, the reporter that the RIGHT (wrong) wing loves to hate. We like him.

You show this stuff to any right wing nut jobs, as they all do seem to be, and they shift into 'SPIN ZONE' gear. You know, defensive posture. Out the door is any semblance of one reasonable sober person having a discussion with another. I'm done with acknowledging for the sake of civility and potential growth of thought the concept that the Repugnicons put forth repeatedly that whatever the topic, the Democrats are just as's a snow job. The GOP are a group of critters who do not have the genes, do not have the ability to have a civil discussion, being all owned by special interests, in one way or another, and don't make me puke by bringing up Leiberman, that dick. In other words, to me, it's all on them.

There is a behaviour, a particular posture one takes when one 'aims' at coming to an agreement, and acknowledgement of certain realities. When two who perhaps have battled for many years finally realize that in order to move on, they must reassess. It IS on the Repugnicons to fess up to their bad behaviour. For all the Monica Lewinski episodes on the Dem's side, it always makes me laugh to pull up this Democratic Underground page.It is not unrelated to 'show' this in the McCain Palin episode...that they even picked that moronic twit (if it is not redundant to emphasize it in this way) says volumes to an educated mind (I'd like to say "whether the right or the left"..except that my view of the right anymore is one of observing a psychotic individual acting out in public.) I'm not sure I've experienced even one Repugnicon elicit anything other than this in me since I was a kid. Eisenhower. Perhaps Gerald Ford. Someone else is driving their bus these days. And, as Ken Kesey said, "You're either on the bus, or off!". Apparently, many of them just went along for the ride. What a ride.

I just honestly would love to see more follow Wendell Potter's example. Or even Scotty McClellan by his book, "What Happened".NOT to get Biblical, but the Big Dude was to have said, "It's easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle...than a rich man enter the Kingdom of Heaven.." Don't sue me (Oh, Lordly authors) if I got the wording get the idea.


Snowe Job? Insider Says Senator Is "Disingenuous or Naive"

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