Thursday, December 17, 2009


Let's raise our glasses to any last shred of courage that might be mustered up in these last moments of the health care fiasco. What part of "They have so much money they can get anything they want done" don't we understand. Before you lash me for giving up, I haven't. I can't stop knowing what our country needs. But if you can't come to terms with real loss, or even the reality of the potential for it, then you're dreaming. I hope obama comes out of his cave and vetoes this. getting it done now is important, even if it means starting from scratch. So much bad can and will occur if we do it the way the spineless Democrats want: 'take this now, then we'll work on it later'. If not one of them stands up, with enough courage to STAY standing up, this time, now, then they'll walk over us.
God knows we have enough ammo to confront the Repugnicons with, after that eight years. And, YES, we DO have the right to remind you of those last eight years of the worst president, with out one doubt, our country has ever had! I say we throw those tomatoes, and keep throwing them every single day. Not once. Not once have the Repugnicons been able to hear the evils their agents have done, without changing the subject. It's because they all live in a completely different reality.
Yes, we had hoped for a president with nerve. Instead, Obama seems to have fallen in love with the Kennedy Shadow, vicariously living that dream instead of forging his own, with true righteous indignation. He expressed something that we are supposed to take as that but he's not a street fighter, and that is what we need. Obama, become what we need. FDR-icize yourself, man.

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